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12. 01. 2022

    it's 1989. you're slowly wandering through the catacombs of paris with your friends, the light of your lanterns guiding
    you on your way to the underground party tonight. it smells of damp earth and stagnant water. the shadows of skulls and
    bones dance along the walls to the sound of your steps, but for some reason they don't scare you at all. it almost feels
    like they're welcoming you.

    suddenly, you notice the pungent fragrance of patchouli in the air, faint voices and echoing laughter. the first synth
    chords of conversation by lost desert start playing and get louder and louder, the more you walk towards the distant
    candle light that reflects off the wet ground and walls of the catacombs. you smile as it noticeably gets harder to breathe;
    tonight's crowd is big.
    you're almost there.